What an almighty trollop of a thunderstorm, thought Tom Twitters to himself as he eyed the outer universe in preparation for embarkation into its vertiginous void. What a God-almighty shrieker.

And a shrieker in point of fact it was. You can imagine the rest, sheets of solid rain and thunderclaps to shake the welkin, Thor’s hammer not in it, matey, and the rest of it. Anyway he ensconced himself hermetically in his greatcoat and stepped ominously out of doors.

Precariously maybe is the word I want.

No, not that either. What’s the word I’m after, for all love. Intimidation. You know. Ee’s scared, like. Not anticipate, the opposite.


Aye, but longer. P in it somewhere. I know there is.

He stepped with TREPIDATION (thank you Jesus) out of doors.

Or was it that? I still think it was an adverb. Trepidatiously. Cautiously. Gingerly. Gingerlily. Shit.

Now where the fucking fuck was I.


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December 21, 2012 · 10:24 pm

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